About Cashfor Gold & Silverkings

we are the leading jewelry buyers in Delhi NCR and this is the result of the time that we have spent in the market and in defeating many companies known to be best second-hand jewelry, buyers. twenty years ago when we were stepping in we are not aware of the market we have only one tendency that was to help the people in providing worth of their jewelry and make the trading of the articles as simple as possible. With every passing year, we enhanced our procedure of working but still, we were continuing with the work of providing high cash against gold immediately. We first found the negativities of the companies then launched our self.

In the research, we found that most person who is willing to sell gold are not getting the optimized value for their ornaments and this gave us the chance to serve people and a principle to work on no profit no loss rule. We are the best gold and silver buyer with clear intentions of helping people in receiving the best cash for silver or best cash against jewelry so that they never have to feel disappointed with the deal.

Our Vision

The Cashfor Gold & Silverkings are moving with an aim and that is to provide a fair and profitable deal to each and every person who has to sell gold and silver at a high cost. We are continuing the journey of trading precious metals for more than twenty years and this makes us one of the top silver dealers in the market.

Our Mission

The company has a mission and that must be known to the customers, especially the workers and teams working in the company that we had to treat our customer in such a manner that whenever the person has to deal the costlier articles without any doubts we must be the first and last choice the person has. We also wish the selling of jewelry an easy and very secure process so that any person who wishes to sell silver or other precious metals never hesitates to come to any of our outlets and receives the money immediately.