Cash Against Diamond

The Cashfor Gold & Silverkings deeply understand the value of each and every precious metal in the market and they also know the properties as we have gained the experience in the same business in more than two decades this given us understanding wisdom and many other things. This is the reason we deal in all the types so we are now known to be the best diamond buyers.

Sell diamond in an easy way

The best property of this precious stone is that it never loses its shining and this is a fact that most of the traditional jewelers don’t understand the value and reason behind is they don’t have the experienced experts to find out the real value of the precious metal. This fact is understood by us deeply and so we are happy to inform that we have the skilled peoples who are so much talented that they take it very easy to evaluate the pearls. The team or the person testing the gemstone has the knowledge that this will be tested on the basis of 4Cs.

Free evaluation of jewelry

The first C the clarity is denoted by the alphabet D to Z where D is the best in all other types and the Z tells us about the brown that has a comparatively low cost.

The second thing to be tested when you need cash for a diamond is carat that is the second C and the weight of the precious metal that must be known depending on it the price can go up or come down.

The third C defines the cut of the pearl and in the trading of this costlier substance, this has an important role. In the cuts, the highest cost is of the round-shaped and the lowest is of the pearl having a heart shape.

At last, the color of the stone will be checked and it will also decide the price, this stone is found in many colors but some of the colors are rarely found in this substance so the highest cost is given to the white icy look.