Cash Against Gold

The Cashfor Gold & Silverkings also known as best second-hand jewelry buyers in Delhi NCR and so you will be able to exchange your old, broken, unused articles with the big amount of money. We understand the investment strategies that are made and working on the rules people use to invest heavy amounts at different places, in this different expenditures the one and the essential one is purchasing of the precious yellow metal but one thing that they are unaware of is that if they will be unable to find the best gold dealers then the investment they have done will not give returns in the manner they were thinking. We are the trusted jewelry buyers so to get worth of your articles you can come to us anytime.

At our outlet, we have a simple procedure that is followed each and every time people reach us to sell gold, silver, diamond, platinum or other gemstones. The process starts with the verification of the documents that people have to bring with them that is the identity proof, address proof and two passport size photos, the bill or invoice can also be asked but it is not available it will not affect your deal after the verification it will be the time of the assessment of the ornaments and it will be executed with the help XRF technology inbuilt Karat meter so the evaluation must be harmless. This method is recommended and used at many trading companies all over the world wherever cash against gold is provided.

After the finishing of the procedure, the last step to be followed is the offering of the quote on which you have to decide to proceed further or stop the deal if you will stop the deal you will be happy to know that the gold dealers will not take any charges for the previous procedure and you can take your metal back but as you give us the positive sign we will get ready and will bring the cash that will be awarded to you immediately in case you wish to take the amount by any of the latest methods like internet transfer or any other then also it will be done instantly.